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HDPE silicon core threading microtubule

In order to meet the market demand of optical fiber to the home project, the technical center of Jingzhou Liangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. has recently developed an internal threading micro-silicon tube product (referred to as threading micro-silicon tube) that is easier to construct than the air-blowing micro-silicon tube at the request of customers in Malaysia, South Africa and the Middle East. The threading micro-silicon tube is used to install optical cables, from the handhole on the street to the ONT of a single family (SFU), It is also used to install optical cables in low, medium and high buildings of multi-storey residence (MDU). Two types of microtubules are required: rise-rated and plenum-rated. There is lubricating silicon coating in the threading silicon core microtubule, so the internal friction coefficient is very small, which makes the construction of the micro-cable very easy and convenient. The outer wall of such threading microtubules has high insulation performance and will not be affected when the floor wiring is parallel with the general low-voltage line. The silicon core microtubule is equipped with a nylon rope, which can withstand a tensile load of more than 225N at least. The tension rope should be gray white (we currently use red nylon rope). Silicon core microtubules require an outer diameter of 8.5 mm/inner diameter of 6.0 mm and an outer diameter of 10.0 mm/inner diameter of 8.0 mm. The size of the tray can generally range from 90x65 to 60x55mm (depending on customer requirements), and the length of the tray is 1500m to 300m (generally 500m per tray).

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