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Liangcheng Technology has passed the first transportation product certification of "CCCC"

Recently, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Communications Construction) carried out certification review on the "silicon core tube" and "cluster tube" traffic products produced by Jingzhou Liangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. Members of the audit team are from CCCC (Beijing) Transportation Product Certification Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCPC), which is subordinate to CCCC. In the case that the COVID-19 epidemic has not been completely lifted, the experts used remote video for audit and certification in strict accordance with the audit requirements and procedures; Through Tencent conference software, the meeting was held to explain the quality assurance scheme, quality management system requirements and the division of audit experts for the two traffic product units of "silicon core tube" and "cluster tube"; Then understand the production status of the workshop production site through video, check and audit the online quality control, and the inspection equipment and specific inspection status of the inspection center, and verify the product inspection data. Then check the original quality records, document controlled status, resource allocation conditions, etc; After three days of intense and orderly audit, the audit team believes that Liangcheng has a good allocation of scientific and technological resources, has established a complete quality management system, and has excellent quality assurance ability of "silicon core tube" and "cluster tube" traffic products; It is agreed to issue CCJ No. 001 "Transportation Product Certification Certificate".





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