Product Advantage

Technical Support

Can your company provide testing pipes?

A: Our company can provide it. At the time of first delivery, 3~6 meters of detection tube shall be provided.

What construction guidance does your company provide? Do you contract construction?

A: Our company can provide guidance for the whole process of construction, including pipe laying and installation. The construction can be contracted if a certain quantity and specified construction period are reached, and the specific situation will be discussed separately.

How many colors can your company make?

A: Our company can make seven colors: red, blue, yellow, white, green, purple and orange.

How about your company's supply capacity (production scale)?

A: Our daily production capacity is about 100000 meters, and the production scale is one of the best in China.

How are silicon core tubes packaged?

A: Bare plates are widely used now. If iron plates are needed, we can provide them, but the cost will increase. For example, the cost of 40/33 will increase by 0.1 yuan per meter, and the iron plates will also be dismantled, collected and sorted for our recycling.