Communication pipe for flood control of Yangtze River levee

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The Yangtze River is dangerous in Jingjiang. Jingjiang is a "river on the ground". The boat on the river is like walking on the roof, which increases the difficulty of flood control. The natural cause of the disaster in Jingjiang River is that the river course is particularly curved, so it is known as "nine winding ileum". The riverbed of the Jingjiang section is also raised by the sediment brought by the upstream. In the old days, floods continued to occur along the banks of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The largest flood in Jingjiang in modern times occurred in July 1935. According to the photo of Jingsha flood published at that time, at that time, "almost two-thirds of the people outside Jingzhou were drowned immediately. The people who survived, either climbing trees, riding roofs, or standing on high cliffs, were all standing in the water and waiting for food. Those who did not die in the water would die of hunger, and those who saw someone dissect and eat."

After the founding of New China, the governance of Jingjiang has entered a new era. At the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Party and the government built the first flood control project (Jingjiang Flood Diversion Area) in the Yangtze River basin to control the Yangtze River flood. Now flood control has entered the digital information era, and flood control projects are always concerned by national leaders; Digital information cannot be separated from optical cables, and optical cables cannot be separated from silicon core pipes. In the process of upgrading communication facilities, Jingjiang Flood Control River Management Bureau of the Yangtze River Levee finally selected Jingtong brand silicon core pipe sleeves produced by Liangcheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. through multiple investigations and comparisons. Thank the leaders at all levels of the Jingjiang Flood Diversion District Government for handing the task of "lifeline" silicon core pipe pipelines for the Yangtze River flood control to our company, which is a test and heavy trust for our company, The qualified answers have been well verified by the flood season of 2010!