Wuhan City Video Monitoring System

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On August 29, the leaders of Wuhan City Video Surveillance Engineering Co., Ltd., led by our company's General Manager Liao, came to our company to conduct a survey of communication tube materials. This company is specialized in the planning, installation and construction of Wuhan urban monitoring system. It has high requirements on the cost performance of communication pipeline materials. Our company just caters to this company's requirements. Through the comparison of the product quality and market price of our company, after the final inspection of the company, we first placed a batch of orders for our PE subsidiaries as the beginning of our cooperation! PE subsidiary is a company with a large demand for telecommunications projects. Generally, telecom operators must conduct centralized procurement for engineering procurement, in order to comprehensively reduce the purchase price, and have certain requirements for the production scale of manufacturers. Our company is a small company that has just been established for more than two years, so the probability of being shortlisted is low. But we are not discouraged. Large companies start from small companies. But the performance, quality, cost control and management of our products will be strict and formal!