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Hubei Daheng Weiye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate with Liangcheng Plastics

Hubei Daheng Weiye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an engineering construction company responsible for the maintenance of expressway monitoring system in Hubei. It needs a large number of communication sheath pipes every year. Through consultation and visits, it visited our company in late July. I am satisfied with the quality monitoring and product testing results of our company's product production process. Before leaving, I signed a long-term supply contract with our company.

In recent years, our company has established long-term cooperation with Xiaogan Songda Communication Engineering Company, Jiangling County Zhanlong Trenchless Communication Construction Company, Qianjiang Mobile Construction Engineering Company, Xiantao Telecom Construction Engineering Company, Huanggang Radio and Television Bureau Construction Company, Hunan Long-distance Line Communication Bureau, Shaoyang Telecom Mobile Construction Company and other companies to supply products such as silicon core pipe, perforated plum pipe, communication sub-pipe, PE trenchless pipe jacking.

Through direct cooperation with engineering companies, our company's direct marketing website can eliminate the link of intermediate circulation businesses and maximize the benefit of our direct customers. It is equivalent to that our company is your factory. You ask that we produce and take advantage of the natural geographical location of the thoroughfare of Wuhan's nine provinces, and quickly according to the lowest logistics price and the fastest logistics speed, without delaying your construction period. In the first few transactions, we paid for goods through the online guarantee function of Alipay to ensure that we had no worries about money and goods. After the business is long and the two sides have strengthened their understanding, our cooperation will be more flexible under the condition of mutual benefit.