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The export of silicon core tube products under the cooperation of Liangcheng Plastics and FiberHome Technology

On August 1 this year, Hubei Liangcheng Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed a distinguished customer. A delegation led by President Yang of Wuhan Modern Hi-Tech Communication Co., Ltd. under Hubei Fenghuo Technology came to the company to investigate cooperation. After arriving at the company, the guests first went to the company office to review various certification and quality inspection reports of product production. Then they went to the workshop to have a detailed understanding of the production process, cut the samples in person during the disc change process of the silicon core tube products, and went to the testing room to test many physical data such as stretching. The final conclusion made them completely relieved. Finally, we also made an experiment on the moisture and impurity content of the materials used to produce silicon core tubes, which determined that the silicon core tube products of Liangcheng Company should be equipped with their optical communication products for export.

Our company will take this opportunity to strengthen production management and process control, strengthen the implementation of process discipline, and do a good job of product service for domestic optical communication companies and communication engineering construction companies that need silicon core tube products.

In order to cooperate with containers to export silicon core tube products, our company usually uses two methods of storage and transportation:

① 46/38mm silicon core tube, iron plate packaging, 1500m per plate, 15km per container

Inner diameter of iron plate (maximum inner diameter): 880mm

Maximum outer diameter of iron plate: 2200mm

Width of iron plate (outer frame width): 1170mm

Width of iron plate (internal clear width): 1070mm

Theoretical calculation: 11.9m × 2.35m × 2.6m (high) container, containing 10 pieces.

② 46/38mm silicon core tube, non-disk packaging, 500m per disk, 16km per container.

Inner diameter of each packaging plate: 900mm

Outer diameter of each packaging plate: 1880mm

Width of each packaging plate: 500mm

Theoretical calculation: 11.9m × 2.35m × 2.6m high container, containing 32 pieces.