R&D talents of special building materials










Job description

1. Complete the research and development of new building materials in the project according to the needs of the project;

2. Design the R&D plan to purchase raw materials, sample preparation and characterization test;

3. Sort out the experimental data, analyze and optimize the research and development plan and improve the specific requirements for completing the research and development project;

4. Formulate specific implementation plans for relevant research and development technologies to achieve the final transformation of research and development achievements;

5. Organize and summarize technical documents and write patent application materials for relevant technologies;

6. Solve the technical problems of the project and be responsible for the daily technical training of the team.

Job requirements:

-Master with two years of research experience or doctor's degree, majored in polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, epoxy materials, building materials and cement products, or engaged in relevant work and research;

-Experience in independent research and development of concrete products projects or relevant technical achievements are preferred;

-Familiar with common material characterization and test methods. Proficient in using relevant tools to test and characterize materials, as well as statistics and analysis of relevant data;

-Have solid theoretical knowledge of concrete materials; And have experience in production technology of concrete and cement products, or research and development of new concrete materials;

-Have the ability to independently organize the research and development of new concrete materials;

-Good English literature reading ability and good communication skills;

-Work carefully and actively;

-Be able to put forward multiple directions to solve problems and put ideas into practice;

-Enthusiasm for research and development.

Position benefits

● Five insurances and one bonus ● Performance bonus ● Full attendance bonus ● No overtime ● Weekend weekends and weekends ● Regular group construction ● Free parking ● Paid annual leave