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Recruitment requirements.

1. Age 22-45 years old, high school education or above, with marketing management professional college or university fresh graduates preferred. Love marketing work, have good interpersonal communication, language skills, analysis and problem solving motivation.

2. have a strong sense of enterprise, enterprise and responsibility, energetic, healthy, have personal long-term career planning and dreams, and can deeply understand and practice the company's corporate culture and core values, and actively integrate into the Liangcheng professional team, have the confidence to achieve their own success together.

3. able to obey the unified arrangement of the enterprise, the company will reasonably arrange to the department and market according to the individual's style, diet, language and personality experience, as well as the company's job vacancy.

4. be able to quickly familiarize with the bidding process and winning techniques for engineering materials and telecommunications and water conservancy sectors, to have a beginning and an end for the business they handle, to recover the full and timely payment as a result-oriented, to improve the business ability of the transaction and the level of service expansion, and to coordinate the after-sales service, and to establish a good long-term relationship with customers.

5. The company unified free accommodation and food, provide travel and necessary expenses.

Resume delivery email:

Liangcheng Technology Recruitment Director Wei: 15027016431